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Pre-Construction Planning

Pre-construction planning is key to every successful project. At TEAMWORK GROUP we offer this service through our highly qualified team and work with owners and their design teams to create a realistic budget that serves specific goals. We also provide preliminary estimating, scheduling, and site planning to help create accurate cost estimates for the completion of the projects. Contact us and let our team help pre-plan your project.

Construction Management

At TEAMWORK GROUP recruits and hires the best managers the industry has to offer for each specific job. We use the latest construction management software and technology, which helps us provide efficient, cutting-edge professional service that achieves success for the client. We also work closely with the architect and his design team to minimize time and cost overruns while delivering a high-quality product. Every member of TEAMWORK GROUP is involved. From estimating to execution and completion, we take a hands-on approach that provides executive support to all managers. We all get involved.

Full Design and Build Services

For clients who prefer to deal with one firm from start to finish, TEAMWORK GROUP provides full design-build services. We work with a small, highly qualified group of architects and engineers who can successfully transform a clients’ vision into plans and working drawings. From there, our estimating team provides first a preliminary and then a final budget, and once a construction contract is issued, we deliver the project as per the plans and specifications – and most importantly, as budgeted.

General Contracting

In addition to the above services, TEAMWORK GROUP does turnkey general contracting. By working closely with the architect in the pre-bidding stage, our estimating team goes through plans and identifies any and all conflicts before construction begins, and even before a construction contract is executed. Once a contract is finalized, we commit to delivering the project as per plans and specifications, and beyond the client’s expectations.
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